A/B Testing in Marketing Cloud


 A/B Testing Marketing Cloud

 Why A/B Testing :-

We use standard A/B testing to determine which version of your email(Or a subject line)receives the highest click-through rate or highest unique open rate. On the basis of that, we sends the best performing version to the remaining subscribers or Data Extentions.

  • You can test the following elements:
  • Test Type            Description
  1. Subject Line:                     Create two different subject lines and track which email send                                                                                             performs better. Each subject line has a 256 character limit.
  2. Email:                                Select two different emails and track which email send performs                                                                                       better.
  3. Content area:                    Select an email that contains at least two different content areas and                                                                               track which content area performs better.
  4. From Name:                     Create two different from names and track which email send                                                                                             performs better. You can select an existing from name in your account,                                                                           or manually enter a from name to use. To add additional from name                                                                               Select two different dates and/or times to send and track which time                                                                               options to your account, create an additional user.
  5. Send Time:                        performs better.
  6. Preheaders:                     Create two different preheaders and track which preheader performs                                                                  better.


  • IF Tie Happens :

If your A/B Test results in a tie, the system declares Condition A the winner. You can edit the winner criteria to see if one condition performed better than the other using a different winner criteria.

For example, if you ran your test by the highest open rate and your test results in a tie, you can edit the winner criteria to use highest click-through rate.

Or, if you ran your test by the highest open rate and Condition B had a significantly higher click-through rate than Condition A had an open rate, you can edit the winner criteria in order to send Condition B.  You will be able to make this change only if you scheduled the remainder to send at a later time.

  • WE Can Save the Winning Subject Line :

When running a subject line A/B test, you have the option to have the winning subject line save back to the original email. You configure this in the Winner stage of the test creation process.

Different Processes of A/B testing and Useful links.

Following link contain steps to create those processes.

  1. Configure A/B Test


  1. Duplicate A/B Test


  1. Edit A/B Test


  1. Track A/B Test


  1. Cancel A/B Test


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