AuthorArshad Shaikh

A/B Testing in Marketing Cloud


 A/B Testing Marketing Cloud  Why A/B Testing :- We use standard A/B testing to determine which version of your email(Or a subject line)receives the highest click-through rate or highest unique open rate. On the basis of that, we sends the best performing version to the remaining subscribers or Data Extentions. You can test the following elements: Test Type            Description Subject...

15 Digit Vs 18 Digit Salesforce Record ID


ID fields in the user interface contain 15-character, case-sensitive strings. Each of the 15 characters can be a numeric digit (0-9), a lowercase letter (a-z), or an uppercase letter (A-Z).Two unique IDs may only be different by a change in case. Because there are applications like Access or Excel which do not recognize that 50130000000014c is a different ID from 50130000000014C...