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Discount Schedule on Salesforce CPQ


What Is Salesforce CPQ? CPQ stands for Configure, Price and Quote which is a web application tool provided by salesforce, it is a sales tool for companies to provide accurate pricing with any given product configuration scenario. Due to its cloud-based platform, Salesforce CPQ offers your sales team simple-to-use software accessible on any device. You have a direct connection with your CRM thanks...

Insert Products in bulk in Salesforce CPQ.


INTRODUCTION: Products are one of the key objects when we talk about Salesforce CPQ. In this process, we will learn to insert multiple products at once. STEPS: Prepare a CSV file for your Product import file with the columns you need.Log in to Data Loader.Click on the ‘Insert’ button.Select ‘Product (Product2).’Browse for your CSV file.Click on the Next button and click Ok...

Bundles in Steelbrick CPQ


Steelbrick CPQ allows users to define bundles to be added to Quote. This proves very helpful as it saves time of adding every product individually. For achieving this there are two objects in CPQ. The first is Features. Features is basically definition of the bundle. Features can be added from related lists of Products. The product that has a feature becomes the master. So whenever the Master is...