AuthorUdayraj Patil

Insert Products in bulk in Salesforce CPQ.


INTRODUCTION: Products are one of the key objects when we talk about Salesforce CPQ. In this process, we will learn to insert multiple products at once. STEPS: Prepare a CSV file for your Product import file with the columns you need.Log in to Data Loader.Click on the ‘Insert’ button.Select ‘Product (Product2).’Browse for your CSV file.Click on the Next button and click Ok...



INTRODUCTION: Process is to fetch data from salesforce object by executing SOQL query in postman. 1. Using SOQL query to retrieve data from SF object. In the below example we have to fetch data from the opp. object using a SOQL query in postman. Instead of writing code for fetching data we write a query in postman for the same. 2. The following query requests the value from StageName fields from...

Integrating Salesforce Rest API with SFCC


1. The process is to integrate the Sales cloud and commerce cloud using REST API. The aim is to generate leads in the Sales clou1d by making a callout in SFCC. 2. Below is the apex code to generate lead : @RESTResource(urlMapping='/LeadCreate/') global class CreateLeadApi { @HTTPPost global static String creatingLeadRecord(){ String fName,lName, comp; String fieldName, fieldValue; RestRequest req...