How to Upload files on FTP using FileZilla- Salesforce Marketing Cloud


Marketing Cloud FTP cannot be accessed directly from Marketing Cloud UI. For that you need to install third party ftp clients. Below is the method to Import/Export files using one of the ftp client FileZilla.

  1. Download the latest version of FileZilla, google it. Install it.
  2.  Open Filezilla
  3.  Enter- Host, Username, Password and Port. ( all these details you can find in your Marketing Cloud account. Click path is Administration > Accounts Tab > FTP Accounts. URL is your Host.
  4.  Click “Quick Connect”
  5.  On the left side is your Local PC Site and the right side is your FTP Remote Site.
  6.  Locate your file under Local Site box, select it, right click and Upload.
  7.  Your file will get upload in Import Folder of Remote Site box.

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