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I have a simple Landing page, and it’s URL contains some parameter values and those parameters are also Fields in a Data Extension of a Marketing Cloud Account.

To update those parameter values into the Marketing Data Extension when a URL is pasted in your Web Browser, I would follow the below steps:

  1. Let us have an example URL of a landing page:
  2. For the full landing page url along with the parameter values, let’s take

Paste the code given below in your Landing page. We have defined the parameter values first and then printing the success and failure values on the page:


set @f1= RequestParameter(‘Field_1’)

Set @f2= RequestParameter(‘Field_2’)

set @f3= RequestParameter(‘Field_3′)

if( @f1 == ”)then

set @fail =’Failure’


InsertData(‘Data extension Name’,’Field_1′,@f1,’Field_2′,@f2,’Field_3′,@f3)

set @suc= ‘Success’



%%[ IF @f1== “” THEN ]%%

%%= v(@fail) =%%<br>


%%= v(@suc) =%%

%%[ ENDIF ]%%

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