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Salesforce Commerce Cloud – Testing Techniques


A Complete Guide to testing the SFCC based websites: Salesforce is one of the most popular cloud-based platforms, which offers you different types of products to increase potential and capabilities to deliver a better experience to the customers. And one of them is SFCC (Salesforce Commerce Cloud). Testing a product made in SFCC is nothing but a validation of the configuration and customization...

SFCC For Your Web Shop


When we think about e-commerce sites it is enhancing online shopping and the market. In this, we can apply coupons and provide many facilities to the customer now the day customer prefer online shopping rather than going to shop. It provides variation. so creating a web shop is the best business. we build online stores on Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC). If the web shop is in Salesforce Commerce...

Configuring Controllers in Sfcc


A controller is responsible to interact with the application. When a user requests the application controller determines what response to send back. A controller is made up of a route name and action, for example, If you navigate you are calling About Controller. Controllers are the scripts that control application flow and update application data, The controller...

SFCC Programming Setup and Troubleshooting


INTRODUCTION: SFCC is started as Demandware in 2004. SFCC is a cloud-based unified e-commerce platform with capabilities in Mobile, AI personalization, Order management, B2B and, B2C services. It as well provides easy to use customizable e-commerce websites. SFCC was founded to provide a hosted services that would enable companies to develop and manage easy to use customizable websites rather...

Understanding Commerce Cloud Einstein In a Better Way


Commerce Cloud Einstein is AI(artificial intelligence) Powered mechanism that gives power to the retailer to present the customer with personalized content based on their shopping history and search interest. Salesforce Einstein is immersed in the salesforce commerce cloud, which allows the user to gather customer data and customize the shopping journey for each user. AI(artificial intelligence)...