Understanding Commerce Cloud Einstein In a Better Way


Commerce Cloud Einstein is AI(artificial intelligence) Powered mechanism that gives power to the retailer to present the customer with personalized content based on their shopping history and search interest. Salesforce Einstein is immersed in the salesforce commerce cloud, which allows the user to gather customer data and customize the shopping journey for each user. AI(artificial intelligence) algorithm gets data feed from B2C commerce customer data, search behavior, browsing history, order history, and preferences and uses this data to personalize the shopping experience.

Here are some of the B2C commerce Einstein tools to personalize your shopping experience.

  1. Einstein Product recommendation: Using this customers can see products based on their shopping experience. to implement product recommendations first configure catalog and order feeds then configure recommenders using the Einstein Configurator tool then develop an ISML template to create a recommendation content slot and render product recommendations.
  2. Commerce Insight:  Einstein’s shopping cart dashboard allows users to analyze customer purchases and discover their most purchased items. Merchandisers can use this info to create product bundles, deals, and “complete the look” suggestions can select items and uncover products that shoppers are most likely to buy and can craft product-based sales and bundle purchase categories.
  3. Einstein Predictive Sort: predictive sort automatically sorts the order of the products according to customer liking, it shows the products which are more favorable to customers on the first page itself. this tool is more useful to people who are using small devices such as mobile phones with small screen sizes.
  4. Einstein Search Recommendations: This tool auto-completes the search provided by the customer and even performs misspell corrections entered by the user. It also recommends terms based on your recent search terms and terms which are in trend. It uses a search dictionary to filter user search terms to get synonyms. In the scenario where the user searches for a term or a phrase that is not related to any product, it will display products that are likable or attractive to the user.

How Einstein Analytics Works: 

Customizable: Einstein Analytics meets your business needs, and allows you to target the KPIs that are most beneficial.

Built-In Analysis Tools: Einstein helps in analyzing the data and making changes for the better result                                 

Clearer predictions: Einstein helps in predicting the sales and resulting in a fruitful outcome.

How Einstein chatbot provides a better shopping experience:

  • Einstein chatbot offers immediate customer assistance any time of the day through your storefront.
  • Einstein gives solutions to user queries using system variables that are predetermined and generated from customer information.
  • CRM can interact with customers using SMS, chatbot, and voice-activated devices.

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