AuthorMakarand Shinde

Building Responsive UI with React Bootstrap


Responsive Design has been the prime requirement as we build the app considering the “mobile first” approach. So it is more important than ever to make the app responsive for all devices. There are many ways to implement responsive design, some of them are Media QueriesInline StylesHigher Order ComponentsBootstrap As there are multiple ways to implement responsive design, we will focus on the...

Lifecyle Methods in Reactjs


React apps are basically a collection of independent components that run according to interaction with one another. Every component has a lifecycle of its own. It can be defined as the methods that are invoked during different stages of its existence. If we talk about the stages of a component’s lifecycle, it will be as follows. Initialization: This is the stage where a component gets...

build and elevate your seo using sfcc


Every one of us in the e-commerce industry knows the hassle of attracting website traffic. a survey of e-commerce website customers revealed that most of the site traffic, sales, and conversions come via non-paid search results like Google. Google is deeply merged in the behavior of the shoppers. Google is responsible for 76% of all desktop and 94% of all mobile search traffic, followed by Yahoo...

Understanding Commerce Cloud Einstein In a Better Way


Commerce Cloud Einstein is AI(artificial intelligence) Powered mechanism that gives power to the retailer to present the customer with personalized content based on their shopping history and search interest. Salesforce Einstein is immersed in the salesforce commerce cloud, which allows the user to gather customer data and customize the shopping journey for each user. AI(artificial intelligence)...