Product Bundles & Product sets in sfcc


Now we all Know about products & Product variation in SFCC. Two more options are there and they are Product Bundles & Product Sets let’s understand how they work, what is the feature they provide us & how to create Product bundles & product sets in sfcc.

Product Bundle In SFCC

Let’s start with the product Bundle. what is a product bundle? A product bundle is a group of multiple products into one orderable product for customer convenience, product completion, or visualization. We can’t purchase only one product from that user have to purchase a whole bundle. it is a basic combo of Products.

For example let’s consider a product bundle for Sony Play Station 5, in that there are many things needed in play station 5 to complete our setup like console, controller, headphones, game (GTA 5), etc. so we create a bundle of all these things at ones. so users can purchase all things easily with a single click & as a single package so in this scenario we use a product bundle

steps to create product bundle in sfcc

Step 1 – Merchandising Your Site > Catalogs, Categories, and Products > Products > New.
Step 2 – After creating a product, go to the bundle tab & add the product that you want to add to the product Bundle

product Sets in sfcc

In the above example, we get an idea about product bundles so let’s move forward with the next step if a user wants to buy a single product from a group of the product. or want to buy multiple products at the same time to fulfill this requirement sfcc introduce product sets.

So what is a product set? you can represent a group of products to appear on a storefront as a product set. The customer can purchase the entire set of products or one of its elements.

For example, let’s consider a product set of mobile accessories there are many products like Charger, cables, earphones &, etc here we create a product set of all these things we users can buy it a single click or as an individual product as per convenient.

steps to create a product sets

Step 1 – Merchant Tools > Products and Catalogs > Product Sets > New
Step2 – After the creation of a product set, go to the product Tab & add the product you want to add to the product set.

In this blog, we learn about SFCC product bundles, product sets & steps to create them as well as their feature & difference. Hopes you like this blog and its helpful to you. Thanks for reading this Blog.

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