AuthorPallavi Walhekar

Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) Multisite-Single Realm and Multiple Realm


Introduction: If you are managing multiple brands/websites on SFCC then you must have encountered a question–Should you utilize multiple Realms or develop/configure/manage numerous websites or opt for a single Realm for all of them? finding the correct answer to this question is crucial to improving efficiency and scalability as well as meeting business objectives. In this blog, we would...

SFCC Programming Setup and Troubleshooting


INTRODUCTION: SFCC is started as Demandware in 2004. SFCC is a cloud-based unified e-commerce platform with capabilities in Mobile, AI personalization, Order management, B2B and, B2C services. It as well provides easy to use customizable e-commerce websites. SFCC was founded to provide a hosted services that would enable companies to develop and manage easy to use customizable websites rather...