AuthorVishwas Rahane

Modern Redux Development using Redux tookit


Introduction: This blog explains how you can build an application using the react-redux with a redux toolkit. This is the modern React Redux tutorials with the Redux toolkit. Things are changing in front-end application development. What we have been using to develop a front-end application is frequently switching to build things faster and more efficiently. One of them is redux, which handles...

REST APIs in React: Axios vs Fetch API


Introduction APIs generally charge our applications with data. The client-side of the application consumes data from API which is normally in JSON format and is with specified endpoints. This information will look into the two ways, an application can consume an API. These ways are through ‘Fetch’ API which is a browser built-in API used to make the necessary HTTP requests and the Axios API which...

Get to Know B2C Commerce Jobs


If you want to learn how to set up complicated administrative processes that combine multiple tasks. The best tool for this is the B2C Commerce jobs capability, where you can schedule tasks that: Automate import and export, Replicate data or code, Build a search index, Perform custom tasks In SFCC a job is a set of steps that perform long-running operations such as clearing cache, downloading an...

Implement Page Designer in Salesforce Commerce Cloud


Salesforce commerce cloud has many challenges. One of the challenges is maintaining consistency. When we work with decorators, some temples, or content inside decorators face issues in maintaining consistency. For this SFCC introduced Page Designer. Here will explain information related to Page Designer which is how to set up or how to enable Page Designer in SFCC project so that empower the...