Automation testing Using Calabash


Calabash is one framework that enables automated UI Acceptance Tests written in Cucumber to be run on iOS and Android applications. While Calabash integrates tightly with Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin. Android project, it can also be used with iOS and Android projects written in the indigenous languages of Objective-C and Java.

Calabash is an open source Acceptance Testing framework that allows you to write and execute tests for iOS and Android Apps. It’s an Automated User Interface Framework that allows tests to be written in Ruby using Cucumber. Calabash works by enabling automatic UI interactions within an application such as pressing buttons, inputting text, validating responses, etc. It can be configured to run on different Android and iOS devices, which provides real-time feedback and validations.

Calabash and BDD

  • Calabash is Behavior Driven Development (BDD). It is same as Test Driven Development (TDD), but instead of creating tests to describe the shape of APIs, application behavior is specified.
  • BDD is a process in which multiple stakeholders weigh in to create a common understanding of what has to be built.
  • BDD is helpful in building the right software and designing from the perspective of the business owner.

How to install Calabash

Part I) Install Java JDK – Refer this guide – /install-java.html

Part II) Download and install Ruby.

Step 1) Download Ruby from the URL

Step 2) Open the exe, follow the instructions on screen. Once install is complete you will see the following screen. Click Finish.

Step 3) Verify whether Ruby is installed successfully

  • Start Command Prompt with Ruby on Windows 10
  • Type ruby –v

Part III) Download and install Android

Step 1) Download Android Studio at

Step 2) Open the exe, follow the on-screen instructions and complete installation. Click the finish button once done

Part IV) Install Calabash Android

Step 1) In the console type install calabash-android. Install will start and will take some time to complete

Step 2) Once installation is done Type calabash-android version 

if if shows calabash-android -0.9.0 then you have successfully installed calabash.

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