How to Become a Great UI, UX Designer in 5 Easy Steps.


1. Know the basic abilities & responsibilities of UX/UI designers

Almost everyone can become a UX/UI designer by self-taught or training course. However, when it comes to how to become an excellent UX/UI designer, it requires not only basic design capabilities but also some necessary abilities, including the ability of logical thinking, data analysis, empathy, communication, observation and agile execution, etc. To get to know the designer’s responsibilities and skills is the first and foremost thing to some degree.

2. Capture the eyes and heart of your users

Be a UX or UI designer, the final deliverable needs to capture the user’s heart. If a user doesn’t have the desire to use the product, there is no user experience at all, not to mention the user engagement and conversion. For UI designer, it needs to focus on the beauty of the design work; while for UX designer, it needs to care about the user’s demands and product functionalities. Just like an old saying goes that “Practice makes perfect”, to become an excellent UX designer or UI designer requires continuous efforts.

3. Be concerned about the UX/UI design trends

Many job seekers who want to step into the UX/UI design industry will be asked about “how do they think about the current UX/UI design trend” and some other similar questions during the interview. To keep updated with the newest UX/UI design trends can make your design work outstanding and meanwhile let you become a UX design expert.

4. Be proficient in certain design tool

Not a few beginners have their own ideas, innovations, and indulgences, while they tend to ignore the proficiency of design software tool. Undoubtedly, the design tool can be a great helper for designers, and it’s required to make simple icons/pictures in the interview to test the basic design skills of candidates. Below are some tools recommended for those want to become a UI design expert:

  •  Adobe Photoshop:-  A raster graphics editing tool
  •  Adobe Illustrator:-  An vector drawing tool


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