ERP Software Testing


ERP stands for (Enterprise Resource Planning). In ERP software we can performed various types of testing like Functional Module Testing, Integration Testing, Performance testing & so on.Before testing the ERP as a whole, testing the individual modules is the first step in any comprehensive ERP test. Once the modules have been cleared, then “assemble” and test the ERP. This testing phase is often referred to as “Core testing”.
In Integration Testing Once the core ERP software has been thoroughly tested then you can move on to integration or implementation testing phase. In this phase combine all modules together which is dependent to one another. The goal is to see whether the system delivers the expected results.
Once the ERP has been integrated and tested, it’s time to see how well it performs under load. It is necessary test the ERP using high volume data flow and challenging transactions. In this way we can test the software through various phases.

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