Started onsite journies for me and Nanostuffs !!!!


It was first time in Nanostuffs’s history of sending resource for Onsite project and I am happy that was me. 🙂 As usual, everyone want different experiences in their own life and It was an opportunity for me to gather experiences. I was flying first time in my life + it was for US, quite excited moment I ever had.

Here I have chance to share about Nishant & Ankita, how much they care about employees as well. He knew that this is my first trip to abroad so he emailed me 4 pages of travel guidelines including all small things.

I came to Raleigh, NC for ‘PRA Health Science‘ to work on complex Salesforce project. I met to a lot of super talented people and the company operations were all really great. Learnt a lot.

I also visited one of the amazing city in the world, New York while coming back to India. These 6 months were one of the best time in my life.

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