Another Tryst with USA (Washington DC)


I never imagined my 2nd opportunity to go to USA would knock doors again so soon, it was such an amazing experience that I had in my life. Second time I flew for America from Nanostuffs Technologies. This time I went for Salesforce & iOS integrated based project, located at small but superb place – Bethesda near Washington DC.

With no other Indians seen working around, this was one of a experience to work with Americans & varied culture people. Not notably everyone was very friendly & I came back making a lot of memories & new friends again. It was all fun again to work there in USA.

The best & worst thing both was the Snowfall 🙂 it just made the city look so beautiful but the cold did cause a trouble & discomfort a lot of times as well.

Once again many thanks to Nanostuffs for giving such an immense onsite opportunity !!!

… Minakshi Bhosale, Senior iOS Developer/Consultant @ Nanostuffs.




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