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It was my Birthday when I got the news that I m going Onsite, that too USA, ,on 18th April 2015. I was very thrilled and excited for receiving such an awesome gift from my company Nanostuffs Technology Pvt.Ltd.

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I was going to Bethesda, Maryland. A quiet and peaceful city with population of about 60,000 plus. I was going in a plane for the first time so that experience was also very memorable.The journey was very good with a stop at Doha airport in Qatar.

Once I reached Washington DC airport I had butterflies in my stomach. As opposed to my expectation everything went very smooth and i was out of the airport in very short time. The client for which I was going to work with was very helpful and fun to work with. My accommodation and everything was arranged before my arrival.  There was spring season when I reached USA so everything was colorful around me. The experience of working and living in American Culture was amazing and new for me.

Thanks Nanostuffs for making my Dream come true.

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