AuthorTaha Sadikot

Duplicate Management in Salesforce


Duplicate Management in Salesforce is very easy. You just have to create a Matching rule on your object which will decide the criteria to detect Duplicates. Then you have to create a Duplicate Rule on your object which will decide what actions to trigger when duplicates are found. In Matching Rule you have to select the object on which you want duplicate detection, enter name for the rule, Unique...

“h is not a number” Error in Salesforce For Outlook Side Panel


When you have configured your Salesforce to Outlook successfully and still you get an error on your Side Panel in Outlook that “h is not a number”, then that issue is because of Old Internet Explorer version on your computer. To solve this Issue you just have to update your Internet Explorer to a version greater than version 11. This error occurs because Salesforce for Outlook Desktop...

Integrating Salesforce with Formassembly


To integrate Salesforce with Formassembly to get data from Web forms into Salesforce object you need to buy the package from the website They will provide you with an URL for your organisation and you can login from there using the credentials provided by formassembly. After you Login into the website you can create forms according to your need with any content you want. You...

Integrating Salesforce with Formyoula


To integrate Salesforce with Formyoula you need to install the Formyoula App to your Salesforce organisation and also you need to buy licenses for number of users you want to use with the Mobile App of Formyoula. Next step would be creating forms in Formyoula, for that you can either access Formyoula directly from your Salesforce org, but I would suggest that you go on Formyoula website –...

Extreme Salesforce Integration Onsite


It was my Birthday when I got the news that I m going Onsite, that too USA, ,on 18th April 2015. I was very thrilled and excited for receiving such an awesome gift from my company Nanostuffs Technology Pvt.Ltd.                            I was going to Bethesda, Maryland. A quiet and peaceful city with population of about 60,000 plus. I was going in a plane for the first time so that experience...

How to handle “No such column found in entity” error even though the column exists in entity


Sometimes when you try to access some columns dynamically in your class, you may come across the error “No such column found in entity”  even though when you check and u see that the column is present in your entity. This is due to the API version difference between the Class and the entity. There are many columns which have been added in the entities after the API version 27.0. If...