Enterprise App Experience at Raleigh, NC (USA)


Woohoo!! It was my first onsite experience ever. I visited THE United States Of America. It was a majestic experience. When got this news from Nishant & Ankita, I was really very excited that ‘I will FLY’ in my life first time. And also was having mixed feeling that how I’ll manage traveling, whether I’ll be able to talk in English the way Americans do, bla bla.

I went for a complex iOS project, client was truly helpful during my stay in States. Client was very much talented and a professional person. I left quite impressed with his application ideas and grasping power of technical terms. Made a lot of American friends and also got opportunity to see an American wedding closely.

Work experience was really awesome and also learned plenty of things. Because of this onsite I got opportunity to roam around marvelous city New York 🙂

This trip built confidence in me to travel alone. I am grateful that I got opportunity to go to USA. All credit goes to Nanostuffs!!

… Minakshi Bhosale, Senior iOS Developer/Consultant @ Nanostuffs.



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