Meet with the Father of the Internet


Nanostuffs with Vinton Cerf

What an honor to meet the Father Of The Internet, Vinton Cerf, at the Google’s office in Reston, VA. This had been the most memorable meet of my life.

This wasnt a business deal or any kind of business meeting but just a worthy one to gain guidance & motivation from such a legendary person. We had about 45 minutes of talk, Mr. Vint heard the story of Nanostuffs & were interested to learn case studies some of our most challenging projects. Being playing a vital role in “Digital India” initiative of the Indian Government, he was specially interested to know more about how startups operate in India.

Once again, I would like to thank you Mr. Vint for giving us this opportunity to meet him, the person because of whom I can infact write this blog post so that entire world can read it.

…. Nishant Bamb, Director, Nanostuffs.

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