Staff Augmentation …. at its Peak !!!


Nanostuffs network has grown wide since 2015 with becoming Authorized vendors to several renowned companies to share our skilled resources on contract basis. Both Developers/Consultants & adept iOS/Android mobile apps developers. We have been augmenting niche knowledgeable resources with companies in India & out of India, primarily for USA, Australia & UAE. Here are...

Nanostuffs Launches World’s 1st Online Staff Augmentation Platform


Worlds 1st Staff Augmentation Platform. Rent Employees & Mutually Benefit. is currently worlds only unique B2B & C2B portal helping companies do Staff Augmentation. Currently 1000s of companies are requiring resources with niche skills but very difficult to find appropriate experience & knowledge, and that too immediately. Additionally many times permanent hire is...

Meet with the Father of the Internet


What an honor to meet the Father Of The Internet, Vinton Cerf, at the Google’s office in Reston, VA. This had been the most memorable meet of my life. This wasnt a business deal or any kind of business meeting but just a worthy one to gain guidance & motivation from such a legendary person. We had about 45 minutes of talk, Mr. Vint heard the story of Nanostuffs & were interested to...

East to West to North … USA Again.


The new year beginning of 2015 seemed going quite well for Nanostuffs fortunately with two consecutives trips to USA in Jan & Mar 2015.  Having started an interesting venture with to develop an enterprise platform for their entire business & call center operations based on, it was inevitable to require few visits discussing & consulting in front of...

A Business Tryst With Australia


Since the advent of Nanostuffs in October 2010, we had been already working with many SME & Enterprise customers from Australia. We have realised it definitely helps when a face is put to a name & thats why we finally planned out a much awaiting & looking forward trip to a promising land of opportunities, Australia. After a planning of 2 months, we spent entire April 2014 at Sydney... Solution Vendor for PRA Inc, Raleigh NC.


In September 2013, Nanostuffs started one of the best partnerships of all time with PRA Incorporation based out of Raleigh, North Carolina (USA). Thereafter, Nanostuffs provided expert resources for PRA both at onsite & offshore in India for almost 1.5 years. Nanostuffs assisted PRA on several projects, notably playing a pivotal role in implementing a large internal portal...

Nanostuffs Extends Partnerships to Scandinavian


Nanostuffs visited Norway, Sweden & nearby areas in the month of June 2013, to strenghten our parnerships with one of our oldest & prominent client Clue Norge ASA & introduce ourselves to several other companies & business individuals related to mobile apps development & services. Scandinavian, is definitely among the most beautiful places in the world with very...

100 Apps & Counting ….


I remember a line by my one of my favourite professor “Inch by Inch Life becomes Cinch, Yard by Yard Life becomes Hard ….”. But today, after Nanostuffs crossing development milestone of 100 Apps in a span of 16 months, I doubt does this really apply to Startups in todays competitive tech world? Atleast did not for me & Ankita (co-founder, Nanostuffs), we tried to take steps by yards...

Nanostuffs Helps Unisys/Hexaware Build Partner Portal


In partnership with Hexaware Ltd, Nanostuffs provided an onsite based Partner Portal Based Consultancy & Development to one of our Esteemed Client Unisys Inc. during the month of July 2012.The Partner Portal supported the process of Unisys working with Partners to efficiently manage sales efforts by providing integrated CRM functionality to Partners including Account and...

Nanostuffs Exhibits At Ad-Tech, San Francisco.


Nanostuffs Exhibits At Ad-Tech, San Francisco – 9 to 10 April 2012 Stand Location: Mobile Marketing ZoneFor more than ten years, ad:tech has provided media, marketing and technology professionals with the tools and techniques they need to succeed in a changing digital world. With 10 shows in 7 countries, ad:tech’s globally respected roster of speakers, workshops and exhibitors...