East to West to North … USA Again.


The new year beginning of 2015 seemed going quite well for Nanostuffs fortunately with two consecutives trips to USA in Jan & Mar 2015.  Having started an interesting venture with Deckhelmet.com to develop an enterprise platform for their entire business & call center operations based on Salesforce.com, it was inevitable to require few visits discussing & consulting in front of customer on critical aspects of the project. Additionally, a few of our resources support the customer from both onsite (Bethesda) & offshore till date (June 2015) & hopefully the relationship never stops.

Almost 50% of Nanostuffs customers are from USA. Taking advantage of the visit, we didnt miss a chance to meet many of our other existing customers & create new connections.

This was yet another hectic but a very intriguing trip to Washington DC, San Francisco, Chicago, Cleveland & New York. Every trip to USA makes us feel its not enough & there is indeed nothing like States anywhere.


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