Push Notification displayed when application in foreground in iOS 10


Introduction:  The new framework called “UserNotifications” is introduced with iOS 10 SDK. The UserNotifications framework (UserNotifications.framework) supports the delivery and handling of local and remote notifications when application is in foreground Steps for implement code to handle push notifications in iOS 10 Import UserNotifications.framework in your AppDelegate file :                 ...

Download PDF file using Alamofire in Swift3


Almofire is a very popular library for networking related coding(eg. API call, Downloading Stuffs etc) and totally developed in swift which is replacement of AFNetworking library of ObjectiveC. It has multiple features like Image cacheing, API call integration,File downloading etc. Today we are going to dive into Download PDF file using Alamofire in Swift. Pods are available for almofire on...

One fantastic way to Load ‘CollectionView’ inside ‘TableViewCell’ using Two ‘Extensions’ in swift3, iOS


As We know we, Often, we assign a collection view’s data source to its view controller. But here the problem is that we have only one view controller and many collection views. As I have taken number of ‘Sections’ inside table view. so following is the Solution to distinguish between a collection view on the first section , and one on the second , third and fourth… So here is a way to...

NSSortDescriptor in swift 3


To sort an json array using NSSortDescriptor in swift3   NSSortDescriptor : A sort descriptor describes a comparison used to sort a collection of objects. You create an instance of NSSortDescriptor that specifies the property key to be sorted, and whether the comparison should be in ascending, or descending order. A sort descriptor can also specify a method to use when comparing the property...