AuthorSwarupa Doiphode

Implement a drawing app in Swift


Implement smooth drawing in iOS using swift. A drawing app allows the user to draw on the screen with their finger. There are many companies  ask customers to sign on apple device when making purchases.  Steps — 1> create a custom class line for initializing values of start and end point of line import UIKit class Line{   var start : CGPoint   var end : CGPoint   init(start _start : CGPoint ...

Download PDF file using Alamofire in Swift3


Almofire is a very popular library for networking related coding(eg. API call, Downloading Stuffs etc) and totally developed in swift which is replacement of AFNetworking library of ObjectiveC. It has multiple features like Image cacheing, API call integration,File downloading etc. Today we are going to dive into Download PDF file using Alamofire in Swift. Pods are available for almofire on...