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A product is a service that can be sold online or offline platform. In Salesforce, Commerce Cloud Platform Product all data is stored in the Master catalog. And also product-related data can be stored in a storefront catalog but it’s only for showcase purposes. Product search and navigation tools used to locate products and navigation

Users can manage all product-related using the Commerce Cloud Business manager like creating, and editing products. All products are under catalogs categories. Categories differentiate the products into parts like men’s women’s children etc.

Multiple products can be assigned to various categories. Numerous variations are specific values for all the variation’s master attributes. A shopper filters the variation master down to a variation product by selecting specific values for each product variation attribute.

Types of products:

Master Product: Under the master product, variation products are there, and the master product is a parent product.

Variation product: Variation products are the child products of master products that can be sold.

Product set: The customer can buy a single product in the product set and if any one of the products gets out of stock, the user can buy the other products in the product set.

Product Bundle: Customers must buy all products from the product bundle and if any product in the product bundle gets out of stock then the whole bundle will be out of stock.

The developer has to make changes in the code so it will be easier for a merchandiser to make changes in the business management and get that changes reflected in the storefront. Most of the time products all data are stored via uploading XML files, but merchandisers can also make changes in that accordingly.

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