Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) Multisite-Single Realm and Multiple Realm


Introduction: If you are managing multiple brands/websites on SFCC then you must have encountered a question–Should you utilize multiple Realms or develop/configure/manage numerous websites or opt for a single Realm for all of them? finding the correct answer to this question is crucial to improving efficiency and scalability as well as meeting business objectives. In this blog, we would...

products in the Salesforce commerce cloud


A product is a service that can be sold online or offline platform. In Salesforce, Commerce Cloud Platform Product all data is stored in the Master catalog. And also product-related data can be stored in a storefront catalog but it’s only for showcase purposes. Product search and navigation tools used to locate products and navigation Users can manage all product-related using the Commerce...

Customization in Sfcc


We all know SFCC is a platform that provides a seamless unified e-Commerce experience to inspire a personalized shopping journey for every customer across all commerce channels: web, mobile, social, store, and more. It is a very seamless experience for creating an e-Commerce site & with it. SFCC also provides some inbuilt features like the product, categories, Champaign, price book &, etc...

Commerce Cloud and Sales Cloud Integration


If you want to store or fetch data from any cloud to a commerce cloud, we want to do API integration i.e Commerce cloud sales cloud integration. The site is created in the commerce cloud and if you want to store form data in the sales cloud. For API integration use postman. Postman is an application used for API testing. It is an HTTP client that tests HTTP requests, utilizing a graphical...

Salesforce Commerce Cloud – Testing Techniques


A Complete Guide to testing the SFCC based websites: Salesforce is one of the most popular cloud-based platforms, which offers you different types of products to increase potential and capabilities to deliver a better experience to the customers. And one of them is SFCC (Salesforce Commerce Cloud). Testing a product made in SFCC is nothing but a validation of the configuration and customization...

Configuring Controllers in Sfcc


A controller is responsible to interact with the application. When a user requests the application controller determines what response to send back. A controller is made up of a route name and action, for example, If you navigate www.nanostuffs.com/About-Show you are calling About Controller. Controllers are the scripts that control application flow and update application data, The controller...