How To create Stateless form In Zoho Creator

When you create a new form to your application, there is one check-box option “Data will be stored in creator“, De-selecting this option will create the Form as a Stateless Form with custome buttons that does not generate a table at the back-end as Normal form.  you can add custom buttons and write your own logic on  “on click” event of the form.

Creating a Stateless Form

To create a stateless form without data storage,

  • Goto Create new->form option
  • fill the form details such as form name.
  • Deselect optionData to be stored in Zoho Creator.(As shown in the image)
  • on Clicking create Stateless form will be created.

You can drag-n-drop fields in the form as per your requirement.

  • To add button with custom logic click on (+) in the form.

Types of Button

  • Button-Invokes ‘On click’ action specified on mouse click.
  • submit-Invokes ‘On click’ action if enter key is pressed.
  • Reset-We can’t add ‘on click ‘ action on this button as it just takes form to the initial phase.

Once added custom button

  • To perform any action on click of the form button, add the required deluge script in the Form Actions – < Form Button Name> – On Click block of the Workflows tab.
  • Save the script
  • Click on Access this application and enter data to the stateless form. On click of the form button, the script added to the“On Click” block will be executed.

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