Converting Normal to Stateless Form in Zoho


Regular Form

By default, when a Form is created, Zoho Creator will have a table generated at the back-end to store data submitted through the Form. These Forms are called Regular/Normal Forms.

For example, when you create a  Form ‘Order Details’, a table named  ‘Order Details’ is created and  all data submitted through the form will be stored in this table. The ‘Order Details’ will display the data stored in the ‘Order Details’ Form/table.

Stateless Forms do not store data in the backend. An existing form can be converted to a Stateless Form directly from the GUI.

Steps ->

1.From the Dashboard page of the application, click on Create New -> Form.

2.In the New Form dialog box, select the Form type as Form Template.

3.Choose a Form name for the duplicate form. Since the form already contains the existing form name, choose a different name for the form.

4.Select a form to convert to stateless form, from the Choose your Template drop down list.

5.The Choose your template drop down list consist of all the forms listed in the application.

6.Choose a particular form from the My Forms Section of the drop down list.

7.Select a Section under which the form has to be listed.

8.Uncheck the Data will be stored in Zoho Creator checkbox and click on Create button to generate the Stateless form.


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