AuthorSweety Jain

How to create Custom Unsubscribe Page – Marketing Cloud


Here is the method using which you can create custom Unsubscribe page for your Emails. You need to follow below steps: 1. Create HTML Cloud page. 2. Then you need to include below ampscript code in it: %%[ VAR @sid, @jid, @listid, @batchid, @reason, @lue, @lue_prop, @lue_statusCode, @overallStatus, @requestId, @lue_Response, @lue_Status, @lue_Error SET @sid =...

How to Upload files on FTP using FileZilla- Salesforce Marketing Cloud


Marketing Cloud FTP cannot be accessed directly from Marketing Cloud UI. For that you need to install third party ftp clients. Below is the method to Import/Export files using one of the ftp client FileZilla. Download the latest version of FileZilla, google it. Install it.  Open Filezilla  Enter- Host, Username, Password and Port. ( all these details you can find in your Marketing Cloud account...