Auto populate related field when lookup filed is selected at run time in visualforce page.


Sometimes we need to populate related field according to selected lookup filed for the form submissions etc. and we need this to be happen at run-time. ex: In visualforce form contains lookup field of Account object and two field like Email,Phone when user select Account lookup the Email and Phone field will be populated  from Account’s email and phone field. We can achieve this using...

How to enable .net to access Quickbooks company file


To do this You should have : A) QuickBooksEnterprise (here we used 13) B) QBSDK  (here we used  12.0) c) Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 How we can do ? a.  Open Connection to QuickBooks b.  Begin session with a company file c.  Construct set of request messages d.  Send request to QuickBooks e.  Receive response messages f.   End session g.  Close connection a. Open Connection to QuickBooks :...

How to implement Paging in Apex Salesforce


Put this code in your class & replace your query for myRequestsSetCon: public ApexPages.StandardSetController myRequestsSetCon { get { if(myRequestsSetCon == null) { myRequestsSetCon = new ApexPages.StandardSetController(Database.getQueryLocator([ select Id, Name, Merchant_Name__c, Requested_Pricing_Change_Effective_Date__c, Status__c, CreatedDate from Global_Merchant_Pricing_Change__c where...

Unable to access Products from Salesforce.com Partner Portal [Solved]


Hi Folks, I was trying to setup a Salesforce.com Partner Portal for one of my client and realized that no matter I give Read access to Gold Partner User profile, I still cant see Products when logged in as a partner in the partner portal. Additionally, When you goto Setup -> Customize -> Partners -> Settings -> Customize Portal Tabs, I cant at all see Products as an option in the list...

Using URLFOR function in Apex Salesforce


While developing your Visualforce pages you may need to be able to obtain the URL of certain actions or your static resources. I found it personally a challenge since the documentation for “URLFOR” function is not included in “Visualforce Developer Guide” itself and instead included in the general help area of Salesforce. Generally you can use the “URLFOR”...

Using Schema.getGlobalDescribe() to get list of all fields in Salesforce Apex


I had one dropdown that had options – Lead, Account, Contact, Opportunities and some custom objects. Upon selection of any of this object, all the respective object’s standard and custom fields should be populated in another dropdown. This is how I achieved it: Map<String, Schema.SObjectField> objectFields = Schema.getGlobalDescribe().get(‘Account’).getDescribe()...