AuthorJithendar Dhumal

Implement CAPTCHA In CodeIgniter


CAPTCHA is a randomly generated string (or a set of images) that appears when verification is required. It is an essential requirement for cutting down the spam at a website. In many cases, it is the only line of defense a website has against bots that spam websites. In this tutorial, I will demonstrate how you can easily implement CAPTCHA in your CodeIgniter projects. Create Controller The...

Top 5 PHP Frameworks of 2017


List of top 5 PHP Frameworks of 2017 Before beginning the list of top 5 PHP frameworks of 2017, PHP is one of the most favored server-side scripting languages known for its simplicity, PHP frameworks complement PHP, by providing developers with some pre-built modules, a platform to create robust, reusable components, and by enabling faster development cycles. PHP frameworks give the users a basic...

PHP for the Internet of Things


Analysts claim the connected devices to reach the mark of 6.5 billion by the starting of 2017. This makes PHP and IOT go hand in hand. Thanks to icicle, one can write asynchronous code using synchronous coding techniques in PHP. It means that now the PHP code is able to run several tasks by using the same script. Methods of asynchronous programming provide better data exchange between connected...