AuthorShravankumar Gundawar

I am working as an iOS application developer at NanoStuffs Technologies Pvt. Ltd. since 9 months. I have total 2+ years of experience in this technology. Till date worked on more than 7 iOS applications, Includes the categories of shopping,Entertainment,Business etc. Other than this, i love singing songs & proud to say that won many prizes for solo and duet singing competitions during school and college days.

Integration of Chat Library and Firebase in iOS Project


Group chat is a very easy and good approach for having the communication in any mobile application. Today we are going to dive into an implementation of “Group Chat Using Firebase”. While implementing this functionality in mobile application the very important and challenging task is creating an UserInterface for chatting screen, so for designing this screen we will go with the...

Custom Protocol and Delegate


Custom protocols and delegate is the very efficient way to passing values to other controller from one controller. If we required pass the value for only one controller in entire project the we should not go for declaring “Global Variable” to pass the values. Example:¬† Display PopOver for option selection on button click event which placed on TableViewCell. On option selection make...

Subclassing in Swift


Subclassing is a very simple and useful concept of inheritance, when we create a subclass of any existing class then that custom class inherits all the methods and properties of existing or predefined class and moreover we can add our own user defined properties and methods to it.   Here is the syntax with example for subclassing , class myCustomButton :¬†UIButton { var section = Int() }...

Animated Launch Screen


Basically when we want to set an image for LaunchScreen then we use LaunchScreen.storyboard for setting an image, but as this file does not have any class file (eg .swift or .h & .m) so we can not write code for animating that image at runtime. To achieve this we need to use main.storyboard Steps to implement animated Launch Screen : – 1) Click on project name on ProjectNavigatorPanel ...