Internationalization in Java


Internationalization, in relation to computer programming, is the process of designing and writing an application so that it can be used in a global or multinational context. An internationalized program is capable of supporting different languages, as well as date, time, currency, and other values, without software modification. This usually involves “soft coding” or separating...

How to solve “extra qualification” compiler error of symbian 5th SDK


Error:extra qualification ‘CAknVolumeControl::’ on member ‘ScaledValue’ Solution: This problem is caused by CAknVolumeControl which is a part of the underlying Symbian SDK. The additional qualifier used on the ScaledValue() function does not compile with the GCCE compiler. This error should be reported to the Symbian Foundation so that they can change it in S60. In the...

CActive Object in Symbian C++


Active Object provides a support for asynchronous process. let’s see example of Timer using CActive :- Active Object can be implemented by deriving from the CActive class void CTestTimerAO::RunL()//RunL-The handler function to be invoked by the active scheduler when the request completes { iTimeString = _L(“”); iMs = iMs + 1; TUint64 minute; TUint64 second; TUint64 millisecond;...