How to add Chatter Feed for a record in visualforce pages

Chatter feeds show you recent activities performed by people and on records in your Salesforceorganization. Salesforce Touch lets you view your Chatter feed, group feeds, profile feeds, and record feeds.

You must follow people and records to see their updates in your Chatter feeds. Chatter feeds display on profiles, groups, the Home tab, topic detail pages, and on record detail pages. Typically, you see feed updates for:

  • Chatter feed comments and posts
  • Posts, comments, and files on Chatter groups you’re a member of
  • Shared files and links
  • Tasks and events
  • Converted leads
  • Record field changes, like changes to record owner and closed opportunities and cases

<!— code for Chatter Feed for Login User —>

<apex:page >

<apex:outputPanel layout=”block” style=”overflow:auto; height:540px; width:500px; margin:0 1px”>

<chatter:feed entityId=”{!$User.Id}”/>



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