Commerce Cloud (Demandware)

Aspire to create an Online Store, an E-Commerce Website or App? Do review this Amazing product of Salesforce (formerly to have a complete commerce solution for marketing, merchandising, promotions, fulfillment, and more, across all digital channels, up & running within few weeks literally.
Over $16 billion worth of merchandise is sold online annually through Commerce Cloud. Some lucrative features are Cloud Innovation Model, Mobile and Social Integration, Business User Productivity, Streamlined Management, Predictive Commerce, Unified Experiences & Robust Integration.

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Nanostuffs has worked on few of the World's largest B2B Commerce Cloud (Cloudcraze) implementations. Please send an email on & we'll be more than delighted to have a live presentation done of our past implementations & discuss your requirements. We can also provide experienced & certified B2B Commerce Cloud Developers, Consultants & Architects on staff augmentation basis, we have strong team of 50+ Commerce Cloud (both Demandware & Cloudcraze) developers.

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DevOps Salesforce

Manage your small, medium, and large scale projects' development and operations through our experienced DevOps teams.

We at Nanostuffs, have experienced and certified DevOps team that create DevOps Strategies, develop CI/CD solutions, manage releases and take care of environments in the Salesforce ecosystem. Our experienced DevOps Team considers DevOps as a best practice due to which we're a preferred Salesforce DevOps Partners.

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Salesforce Datorama

Salesforce Datorama is a marketing intelligence platform that transforms the way marketers optimize their marketing performance, impact and loyality. It empowers to connect the entire ecosystem of your marketing data irrespective of the data's variety, volume and source through Datorama's connectors.

We at Nanostuffs, are experts in visualizing your Marketing data on the Datorama platform. Folks at Nanostuffs are experienced Datorama consultants who will help you make smarter decisions by connecting and visualizing your marketing data and KPIs with speed and precision.

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Marketing CloudB2C Automation

Let us help you with an amazing Multi-Channel & Cross-Channel Marketing Solution for Customer Journey Management, Email, Mobile, Social Media, Web Personalization, Advertising, Content Creation, Data Analysis & so many other things.

Proud to mention that our skills are not just limited to ET customizations but also dynamic development using AMPScript & HubExchange. Await for soon to be launched some Apps for Marketing Cloud, e.g. an economical SMS Gateway App for Indian Customers that seamlessly integrates with MobilePush.

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PardotB2B Marketing Automation

Nanostuffs has extensive experience helping companies implement B2B Marketing Automation using Pardot to achieve proven returns like Qualifying Lead Pipeline, Customer Retention, Increasing Revenue, Lead Generation, Campaign Reporting, Sales/Marketing Alignment & Increasing Awareness

Checkout our Plug & Play Jump Start Toolkits, Drip Campaigns, Customer Journeys, etc.

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Social Studio(Radian6 & Buddy Media)

With our profound experience of 4+ years, checkout our drafted 100 interesting ways you can use Salesforce Social Cloud for Brand Monitoring, Competitive Intelligence, Industry Monitoring, Thought Leadership, Lead Generation & Sales, Social Customer Service, SEO, Crisis Communication, Product Development & Advertising & Marketing Effectiveness.Use social media marketing to listen, analyze, publish, and engage across networks. Align your marketing, customer service, and sales efforts on social — strengthening customer relationships.

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Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Communities Cloud

CRM Process, Sales Tracking, Leads Management, Opportunity Stages, Workflows, Approvals, Tasks Management, Cases & Escalations, Live Agent Console, Partner Management, Customer Management, Employee Apps, Post Sales Activities, Contracting, Chatter, Campaigns, Authorizations, Territory Management, Entitilements, Lightning Components, Apex & Visualforce Programming, Sites, CTI, 3rd party integrations .... and list is endless. Reach out to us for any of your requirement & we'll help you make best uses of Salesforce features.

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Salesforce CPQ & Q2C (Steelbrick)

Have very complex Quoting Process? No big deal, lets synerzise on our extensive CPQ & Q2C skills to configure your products & pricing for deliverying quotes easily, process orders & invoices prompty & gain immediate insights from every part of the sales process on any device.

SteelBrick gives you the ability to manage the entire customer life cycle, from building a quote through billing and renewals.

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Wave Analytics Cloud

With experience of processing over billion records datasets, Nanostuffs will be delighted to provide a free demonstration of Wave, An analytics platform from Salesforce to build and explore any data you have with some captivating Reporting & Dashboard capabilities.
Wave is a Platform with amazing features like Search based technology, Columnar (schema free relational database), key-value pairs, inverted index. Analytics Cloud is a Cloud based, Mobile First & Self-Service Product. Combined, Wave Analytics Cloud, brings you limitless capabilities to drive meaninful interpretations out of your large data sets.

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Health Cloud

Nanostuffs has helped certain Pharmaceutical companies setup 1-to-1 Patient Journeys, Clinial Trials, Collaborations, 360-degree view of Patients History, enhancing the EHR System, Predictive Intelligence using Einstein & much more.
This Patient management software from Salesforce is helping the most innovative providers meet the pressing new challenges of today's healthcare industry, while also seizing new opportunities to up the quality of the care they provide..

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Salesforce DMP (Krux)

Salesforce DMP (formerly Krux), the leading Data Management Platform (DMP), empowers brands to better target audience segments, and orchestrate more relevant consumer experiences across all touch points, by analyzing billions of profiles and trillions of events across multiple devices.
Nanostuffs has helped companies feed Marketing Cloud & Salesfore Einstein with billions of new signals, enabling companies to be even smarter about their customers and help expand audience segmentation and targeting capabilities to drive marketing precision, at scale.

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Nonprofit Success Pack(NPSP)

Nanostuffs has helped several Non-Profit Organizations worldwide use the world's best CRM to better manage their internal operations & engage more deeply with constituents, ultimately advancing their missions. With our free unmanaged Apps on AppExchange, we provide ready apps to have an online Donation System integrated with payment gateways like Paypal, Braintree, Stripe, etc. Manage Leads & Donors through Salesforce CRM in a systematic way recording all contributions received, their usage/distributions & orthogonal tracking of Ins & Outs.

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With a lot of our own built Apps hosted on Heroku, Nanostuffs can help you build, manage, and deploy great apps at scale with Heroku. Where we bring value add is our Senior Heroku Consultants having plethora knowledge of 150+ third-party add-ons, 1000+ open source buildpacks, and 3000+ ready-to-deploy Heroku Buttons providing a rich ecosystem of pre-integrated extensions and services.
One of our additionaly Unique Offering is building a Robust Salesforce Backup & Archiving Solution using Heroku & Heroku Connect. This is realtime, seamless & scalable backup solution & only one of the kind that exists in the world. Click below to know more.

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Staff Augmentation(Resource Outsourcing)

Hire our niche skilled Architects/Consultants/Developers on contract basis, Time & Material pricing model. They can either work out of our office or your office In & Out of India. We already support a lot of large MNCs providing highly experienced & certified Developers, Architects, Pardot & ExactTarget Consultants, Social Monitoring Experts, Service Cloud Developers, Testers & Quality Assurance Agents, Project Managers, Solution Experts, etc. Please reach out to know the Rates.

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