Marketing Cloud (ExactTarget) B2C Marketing Automation

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To automate various processes in your account you can set up Automation Rules for specific criteria or create Drip Programs to enable easy and effective lead nurturing.


The Marketing Calendar shows scheduled and past emails, social posts, events and webinars. A slimmed down version of the calendar appears for Marketing and Administrator users on the dashboard, just below the graphs/charts.


Marketing Cloud Campaigns are a prospect's first touch point that they have with your company. Each prospect can only be associated with one Campaign for true ROI reporting. This is where you set up your campaigns (including the campaign you'll use for website tracking).


Here you can create both Email Templates to be used over and over, and Emails to be sent to Marketing Cloud Lists. To ensure that data is following correctly, formatting appears the way you want, and all links are pointing to the correct destination, send Email Tests before launching.


An easy way to manage customer interactions. Reply Mail Management feature automates the management of incoming emails received by the reply address immediately after an email is sent. Reply Mail Management can be a key player in managing and engaging your customer interactions.


CloudPages is used to create and publish targeted marketing content to customers across multiple channels. CloudPages editor is used to build a collection of content, then optimize content for distinct mobile, social, and web experiences. CloudPages supports publishing to channels like Facebook Tabs, Landing Pages, MobilePush Pages, Microsites.


Engagement Studio is Marketing Cloud's next-generation lead nurturing product and the true intelligence engine of the marketing automation platform. You can build, test, and report on powerful Engagement Programs that turn your prospects into marketing-qualified leads.


A Landing Page presents a streamlined path designed to bring about a specific action by the visitor. Control the look and feel of your landing pages with reusable Layout Templates. Measure the effectiveness of different landing pages over a period of time with Multivariate Tests.


The Paid Search module displays your Google AdWords campaigns, ad groups, and ads. Keyword Monitoring allows you to track how your site ranks in Google and Bing for the search keywords that are important to you. With Competitor Monitoring, you can track how well your site stacks up against your competitors in general SEO terms.


A/B Testing is a method of market testing, in which one can send two communication versions to two test audiences from subscriber list then track which version receives the highest unique open rate or highest click-through rate and send that version to all remaining subscribers. This helps in optimizing email campaigns. Testing can be automated to save time and resources.


With Marketing Cloud Social Posting, you can schedule and simultaneously post updates to multiple Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts and company pages and gather insight on link clicks, replies, comments, retweets, and likes.


SocialPages is an app in the Marketing Cloud that allows you to create, schedule, and publish content for your Facebook Fan pages without navigating through Facebook Developer screens and building fan pages from scratch.


Advertising Studio uses customer data from mobile push interactions, email and conversions on your site to sync with the contact's Facebook and Twitter accounts. Engage customers with relevant, timely messages and find new customers with similar attributes by combining the functionality of Advertising Audiences and Advertising Campaigns.


Use Advertising Audiences to securely create segmented audiences for Facebook, Twitter, Google AdWords or Social Studio. You can configure these audiences to refresh automatically. With the help of Advertising Audiences you can create lookalike audiences and identify audience segments within your email and mobile contacts data.


Set up Page Actions to trigger completion actions (notifications, field value changes, assignments, etc.) off of specific page views; establish your account's Scoring Rules for different activities; and decide which visitor types you want to filter from your views and reports.


The Contact Builder app provides access to contact data contained within account and the relationships designed to help use that data. Contact Builder can be used to manage, consolidate, organize, and link data from all Salesforce Marketing Cloud apps and external sources


Content Builder is first integrated with Email Studio. Content Builder is a cross-channel content management tool that allows you to consolidate images, documents, and content in a single location for use in the Marketing Cloud. With an easy-to-use, drag and drop interface.


Journey Builder is used for creating responsive automated multi-channel campaigns. Journey Builder is used to design a communication plan that reaches customers at every stage of their journey with your brand.


MobileConnect helps create, send, receive, and track SMS and MMS text messages. Send real-time alerts and transactional messages to subscribers using templates and a drag-and-drop interface. Automatically respond to incoming messages, manage keywords, and many other tasks.


With mobilepush one can create and send notifications to encourage use of your aap. To target your notifications to the best audience, use data about your users from multiple channels. Easily integrate your push notification campaigns with any email, SMS, or social media campaign.


Analytics Builder enables you to gain deep insights into the behaviors and interests of your contacts across channels. Use these insights to set marketing goals and refine customer journeys. Analytics Builder can be used to measure engagement and performance of email campaigns, configure dashboard views to visualize data in flexible tables, charts, and graphs.


Build a single view of each customer by integrating data from any source with powerful contact management. Segment subscribers in a drag-and-drop interface using any combination of attributes at massive scale and speed.


See the social web for the first time. Identify brand logos, objects, scenes, and more through “visual listening.” Give marketing and customer care teams intelligence about images shared on the social web. With Einstein Vision from Social Studio, you can automatically classify and categorize logos, objects, and scenes in images shared across social channels, giving users more context about images being used in content.


Einstein Segmentation helps marketers understand their audiences better through the power of artificial intelligence. The Salesforce DMP has a proprietary audience graph that surfaces persona based clusters of people and devices with common attributes. It makes marketing smarter and more efficient saving time, money and increasing engagement across the web advertising and ecommerce channels.


Unlock accounts and reset passwords directly from the Marketing Cloud Mobile App Respond to user issues anytime, anywhere, from the Marketing Cloud Mobile App. Easily free locked-out users with a single click and change user passwords whenever needed.


It displays your teams top performing sales professionals and lets your team quickly understand how they are performing against their sales target. These sales leader boards drive awareness, engagement and activity across your sales team.


Personalization Builder, powered by Einstein, delivers the next best product, content or offer to every individual through Product and Content Recommendations. Every interaction is an insight. With every click, download, view and purchase, customers are giving your brand an understanding of their needs, and lifestyle.


Sync with third party applications such as a CRM system (Salesforce, Oracle, Dynamics, etc), Google AdWords, Wordpress, etc.


AMPscript is a scripting language allows for personalized content within text emails, HTML emails, landing pages, push notifications from MobilePush and SMS and MMS messages. System processes the script in the message to render content on a subscriber-by-subscriber basis. AMPscript calls are handled at the end of the email send. AMPscript can interact with your data extension, it can be used to include information from data extension and also to update the data extension.


Here you can review the effectiveness of your various marketing elements. This module includes an overview of Campaigns, GoodData reporting, Content, Conversions Emails, Events synced from the Eventbrite connector, Forms, Landing Pages, the Lifecycle of your leads (from visitor to won opportunities), Natural Search, Olark chats synced from your Olark account, Opportunities, Paid Search and Site Search, Social statistics, and your Webinars synced from a GoToWebinar, WebEx or ReadyTalk connector.


The following stakeholders may be involved in the implementation process.

Responsible Party Brief Description of Involvement
Marketing Team Responsible for email creative, form/landing page look and feel, lead flow process, nurturing program design, PPC integration, etc.
Webmaster Responsible for placing JavaScript tracking code within the element of the webpage, implementing iframe code for Marketing Cloud forms, etc.
IT Admin Responsible for creation of vanity domain record (e.g., implementing email authentication (DKIM and SPF)
Marketing Agency (if applicable) Responsible for overall strategy for online marketing and lead management/nurturing, and for creative for landing page and email assets
Sales Leadership Responsible for coordinating sales training, adoption of email plug-in, working with marketing to set lead assignment processes
CRM Admin (if applicable) Responsible for installing Marketing Cloud’s CRM application, setting up custom fields/layout, adding activities iframe, etc.

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