Salesforce Datorama

Why Salesforce Datorama?

Salesforce Dataroma is the only end-to-end intelligence platform built for and by marketers. Datorama has a smarter approach to connect and unify all the different variety of marketing data. Datorama gives marketers the ability to connect all their data sources together - whether its a handful or hundreds - to form a single source of truth for more efficient reporting, better decision making, and total control over their marketing performance and impact.

Benefits of Datorama

  • Connect 100% of your marketing data
  • Single data source
  • Extensive APIs for your marketing data
  • Limitless AI-powered data integration
  • Fast Integration, Instant Visualization
  • Einstein AI and machine learning
  • KPIs and insights, automated using Datorama SmartLenses
  • Connect and unify all of your marketing data
  • Goals, alerts and activations
  • Many more

Please send an email to & we'll be more than delighted to have a live presentation done of our past implementations & also discuss on your requirements. We can also provide experienced Salesforce Datorama Consultants on staff augmentation basis, as we have strong team of Salesforce Datorama Consultants.

Datorama Offerings

End-to-end intelligence platform
Easy Integration of Marketing Data
Dataroma Connectors
Harmonization of Data
Customer Relationship
Highly Customizable widgets
AI Powered
Efficient & ROI
Innovative with Speed
Aligned & Collaborative