Error with memcached in wordpress on windows localhost.


I was trying to setup my wordpress website,, on windows localhost & had really tough time solving memcache related issues. After 2 days of efforts, finally here is perfect solution:

1. Verify your PHP version matches the one which was for your live site. In my case, it was 5.3.x on live site but had 5.6 on my latest xampp local server. So I installed installed earlier version of xampp that supported PHP 5.3.x


2. Install memcache on Windows:

– Follow these steps properlyh

– Note the php_memcached.dll should match your PHP version, so download the right one from here

– The .exe files that you’ll run from above link (even command prompt) run them as administrator.

– To confirm you did all of it correctly, open Task Manager -> Services -> memcached Server should be running.


3. In WAMP or XAMPP, copy the php_memcached.dll file to C:xamppphpext folder if you havent done already.

4. Open php.ini & add extension=php_memcached.dll

5. Stop & restart WAMP or XAMPP, it should start properly without any error shown for memcache. In Wamp, verify the extention is coming without any exclamation mark.


6. MOST Important Step:

– Open your wp-config.php file

– Search for $memcached_servers & if it mentions like this:

$memcached_servers=array ( ‘default’ =>  array ( 0 => ‘unix:///tmp/memcached.sock’, ), );

Make it

$memcached_servers=array ( ‘default’ =>  array ( 0 => ‘’, ), );


7. Run your WordPress site & it should not show the memcache error now.


Hope this helped saved your time & frustration.

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