Sanarrutik Agreement

Kuujjuaraapik, August 9, 2006 – President Pita Aatami of Makivik Corporation, President Maggie Emudluk of the Kativik Regional Government (KRG) and Prime Minister Jean Charest today signed the amendment to the sanarrutik partnership agreement in Kuujjuaraapik in the presence of Inuit and Quebec government officials. Minister of Native Affairs Geoffrey Kelly and Quebec Minister of Natural Resources and Wildlife Pierre Corbeil and Vice-President Adamie Alaku, 2nd Vice-President Johnny Peters and Treasurer Anthony Ittoshat of Makivik, Vice-President Michael Gordon and Board members Aisara Kenuajuak, Jusipi Annahatak, Peter Inukpuk of the KRG and Mayor of Kuujjuara Lucassie Inukpak were delegated. who witnessed the signing of the new revised agreement. The Sanarrutic Agreement, the 2002 Community Economic and Development Partnership Agreement, spent 25 years of funding on improving police services, creating parks in Nunavik, economic development and a detention centre. The agreement was signed by the Makivik Corporation, the Kativik regional government and the Quebec government. The agreement involves a change in the sausage agreement, which provides for $10 million a year, indexed over a 22-year value. The total amount would be approximately $315 million spent on crime prevention programs and the promotion of safe and healthy communities in Nunavik. The amendment to the agreement was recently negotiated to allow the Quebec government to meet its commitment under Section 4.4 of the agreement, which sought to establish a detention centre in Nunavik and in which the three parties agreed today that this amendment would be satisfactorily respected. Lisa Koperqualuk Communications Officer Makivik Corporation Tel: (514) 386-0669 A review of its investments and activities showed that Makivik`s capital had not withstood inflation and population growth in the years following the signing of the James Bay and Northern Quebec agreement in 1975.

Kativik Regional Government President Maggie Emudluk said: “This funding will be a useful tool for all Nunavimmiut in the areas of crime prevention, promoting safe and healthy communities, improving the social environment, helping victims of crime and improving punitive measures. More importantly, all of the above are treated culturally appropriately.¬†At a recent Makivik Board meeting in Montreal earlier this month, executives received a $3 million dividend $US from First Air and a $2 million dividend from Air Inuit. Avataq Cultural Institute: $982,576 in recurrent funding, plus $260,000 for the creation of a Nunavik language authority; The announcement of the funding is a significant change from the news Earlier this year, when Makivik`s board of directors marked the organization`s slow growth in revenue. Julie Grenier Communications Officer Kativik Regional Government Tel: 819-964-2961 Kativik Regional Government (KRG) is a non-ethnic public organization founded in 1978 and whose jurisdiction covers almost the entire territory of Quebec, north of the 55th parallel. KRG manages Nunavik`s municipal affairs, transportation, police, employment, worker training, income security, environment, child care, renewable resources, land use management, civil security and economic development.