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Email Rendering

When creating email templates, email rendering is useful so you can see how your email looks in major email clients and browsers.

  • Preview email formatting in the top email clients and browsers.
  • See how emails look with images turned off or while in the recipient’s “preview” mode.
  • Test your email against major spam filters and junk folders.

Below are the steps to do email rendering:

                    How to do email rendering:-

a. Create an email template > under testing click on “New Render” > Publish.

                  How to see email rendering:-

b. Marketing > Emails > Test.

Once the rendering is done the status will be updated as completed and you can preview your emails.

Track opt out date

As per the standard functionality if someone clicks on unsubscribe link the prospect gets opted out but Sometimes there might be scenario where one would like to track the date when the prospect has opted out.

Below are the steps to follow:

  1. Create a custom field with the data type as DATE.
  2. Create an automation rule as below:
  3. RULES: prospect email status > is > opted out
  4. ACTION: Change prospect custom field > (select the custom field created in step 1) > today.
  5. Save and activate.

In this way whenever any prospect unsubscribe the date will be tracked in the custom field.



An AutoFill with LinkedIn button

An AutoFill with LinkedIn button can be added to your landing page so that visitors can easily complete forms with their public LinkedIn profile information. By using this button all their linkedIn details will be auto populated and the visitor can directly submit the form.

In order to add an AutoFill with LinkedIn button, one need to follow below steps:

  1. Create a landing page on which you want to add the AutoFill with LinkedIn button.
  2. Add a forms to your landing page.
  3. Click on
  4. Click on  LinkedIn AutoFill Plugin Generator page.
  5. Form field population: For each Form Field you wish to map, select the corresponding LinkedIn Field. Each LinkedIn Filed can only be mapped once. Hidden Form Fields cannot be mapped.

The default fields shown by plugin are as below:

Form ID/name,First Name,Last Name,Phone,Email,Company,Title,City,State,Country

If no mapping is selected, LinkedIn AutoFill will maps them automatically with LinkedIn data.

6.Click Get Code option.

The plugin will auto generate the code as per the fields mapped and then this code can be added on the landing page where the button needs to be populated.

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