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Integrating Salesforce with Formassembly

To integrate Salesforce with Formassembly to get data from Web forms into Salesforce object you need to buy the package from the website They will provide you with an URL for your organisation and you can login from there using the credentials provided by formassembly.

After you Login into the website you can create forms according to your need with any content you want. You have various types of content you can add into the form to get correct data from the Users of your Website where you will upload the form by using the Form URL and adding it to the Iframe in your website.

<iframe src=”URL for your form goes here” height=500 width=500>

After you are done with designing your form comes the tricky but easy part of connecting the form to Salesforce. The Data submission is event based in formassembly. For that part you need to click on the Connectors tab of your form.

Formassembly ConnectorYou have 4 events on which can send data to salesforce. 1-when the user is viewing,2-when user saves for future submission,3-when user submits the form,4-post submission.

You can add a connector according to your need to any event you want and then configure the connector.

Formassembly Connector Config

In the configurations you need to enter the credentials for your salesforce organisation and then enable the connector. After that you need to add the instructions for the data you want to send to salesforce. You can Insert,Update,or Upsert data into salesforce according to the conditions you provide. You can also manipulate the data before saving it in to the salesforce object. Lookups on existing data in salesforce is also possible in the instructions part of formassembly.

Formassembly Connector Authentication


Lookups on existing data in salesforce is also possible in the instructions part of formassembly.

Formassembly Connector Instructions

Integrating Salesforce with Formyoula

To integrate Salesforce with Formyoula you need to install the Formyoula App to your Salesforce organisation and also you need to buy licenses for number of users you want to use with the Mobile App of Formyoula.

Next step would be creating forms in Formyoula, for that you can either access Formyoula directly from your Salesforce org, but I would suggest that you go on Formyoula website – and login with Salesforce Credentials


FormyoulaOn this screen click on Sign in with Salesforce and then it redirect to the salesforce organisation and you can enter your salesforce credentials over there.

Next you need to create forms in formyoula. To create forms you have 2 options create forms directly from scratc and create a form according any salesforce object you have.Formyoula-New Form

The New Form button will create a blank form for you to configure and the other button “New From Salesforce Object” will create a form with all the fields you have in the object you select in the later steps.

Once you click on “New From Salesforce Object” Button it will take you to the next screen where you can select the object and fields you want to get data from mobile forms into salesforce.

Formyoula Create FormHere you select the fields and you can also select if you want to push the updates that the user does to the form into salesforce.After you are done with your selections you click on create form. This will create a form with all the fields and correct mappings.

If you wish to configure the fields on the form according to your need and want to add some more fields to the form you can anytime edit the form and add the mappings in the Connector for that form. To do the mappings you have to click on the Cloud symbol besides your form name under the heading Connections on the dashboard.Formyoula connector

After this you just map the fields in form with the fields in Salesforce and you have a basic form ready which takes values from a mobile device using Formyoula Application and store it in the Salesforce Object you have selected.




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