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Unable to Add as Partner for Person Accounts in Salesforce

Unfortunately from Spring 2012, Salesforce has disabled allowing Person Accounts to have access to Partner/Customer Portal or Communities šŸ™

See the note here under Self-Service Portal:

Or this:

“Keep in mind that if your organization has person accounts, they canā€™t be used as partner accounts and you canā€™t create partner users that are associated with them. Only business accounts can be used as partner accounts.” purchase college papers

Another Tryst with USA (Washington DC)

I never imagined my 2nd opportunity to go to USA would knock doors again so soon, it was such an amazing experience that I had in my life. Second time I flew for America from Nanostuffs Technologies. This time I went for Salesforce & iOS integrated based project, located at small but superb place – Bethesda near Washington DC.

With no other Indians seen working around, this was one of a experience to work with Americans & varied culture people. Not notably everyone was very friendly & I came back making a lot of memories & new friends again. It was all fun again to work there in USA.

The best & worst thing both was the Snowfall šŸ™‚ it just made the city look so beautiful but the cold did cause a trouble & discomfort a lot of times as well.

Once again many thanks to Nanostuffs for giving such an immense onsite opportunity !!!

… Minakshi Bhosale, Senior iOS Developer/Consultant @ Nanostuffs.




How to handle “No such column found in entity” error even though the column exists in entity

Sometimes when you try to access some columns dynamically in your class, you may come across the error “No such column found in entity” Ā even though when you check and u see that the column is present in your entity.

This is due to the API version difference between the Class and the entity. There are many columns which have been added in the entities after the API version 27.0. If your class version is below 28.0 you may come across such error.

for example: If you are trying to access ‘billingaddress’ column in ‘Account’ entity through a class with API version 27.0 you will get this error.

No such column ‘billingaddress’ on entity ‘Account’. If you are attempting to use a custom field, be sure to append the ‘__c’ after the custom field name. Please reference your WSDL or the describe call for the appropriate names.

To solve this issue you just have to change you class’s API version to the latest in the version settings tab which is just above your workspace besides ‘Apex Class’ tab.

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