Browse Month: January 2015

Meet with the Father of the Internet

Nanostuffs with Vinton Cerf

What an honor to meet the Father Of The Internet, Vinton Cerf, at the Google’s office in Reston, VA. This had been the most memorable meet of my life.

This wasnt a business deal or any kind of business meeting but just a worthy one to gain guidance & motivation from such a legendary person. We had about 45 minutes of talk, Mr. Vint heard the story of Nanostuffs & were interested to learn case studies some of our most challenging projects. Being playing a vital role in “Digital India” initiative of the Indian Government, he was specially interested to know more about how startups operate in India.

Once again, I would like to thank you Mr. Vint for giving us this opportunity to meet him, the person because of whom I can infact write this blog post so that entire world can read it.

…. Nishant Bamb, Director, Nanostuffs.

East to West to North … USA Again.

The new year beginning of 2015 seemed going quite well for Nanostuffs fortunately with two consecutives trips to USA in Jan & Mar 2015.  Having started an interesting venture with to develop an enterprise platform for their entire business & call center operations based on, it was inevitable to require few visits discussing & consulting in front of customer on critical aspects of the project. Additionally, a few of our resources support the customer from both onsite (Bethesda) & offshore till date (June 2015) & hopefully the relationship never stops.

Almost 50% of Nanostuffs customers are from USA. Taking advantage of the visit, we didnt miss a chance to meet many of our other existing customers & create new connections.

This was yet another hectic but a very intriguing trip to Washington DC, San Francisco, Chicago, Cleveland & New York. Every trip to USA makes us feel its not enough & there is indeed nothing like States anywhere.


First onsite experience in my dream country … Australia

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It was my school days dream that I wanted to go Australia and now I still cant believe that I got an opportunity to work onsite for the first time in Australia and that too in the capital city CANBERRA. I was shocked as well as surprised when I came to know that Nanostuffs have chosen me for this opportunity .

The biggest hurdle for me to grab the opportunity was getting the passport as well the visa on time. Client had an immediate requirement and

I had to manage everything within 15 days. Finally I got the passport and sad thing was my visa got rejected for the first time. I was very sad when I came to know about it. but then Nishant & Ankita consoled me and we applied one more time. This time ball was in our court and visa was granted. I had to fly in next 2 days . It was again an amazing experience to manage everything in two days.

I was very excited and at same time had butterflies in my stomach as I was flying for the first time. I was quite nervous when I reached the client office on the first day. Everyone was new to me. But as days passed I got settled and everything worked smoothly. I loved the work culture of Australia.

People are very helpful and polite here. I never felt that I was new to this country. people are so caring & friendly.

I got an opportunity to visit Crazy, Picturesque Scenic, Modern, Dynamic city like SYDNEY. It was a dream come true experience. I got to see their National Animal Kangaroo and even Koalas. Even I visited Parliament house of Australia which is a rare experience. I got attached to Australia in very less time I never felt like coming back. 🙂

Overall it was a memorable experience for me and I thank Nishant and Ankita for giving me this wonderful opportunity at such a young age. Cheers Nanostuffs.

…. Ankita Deshmukh, Senior Android Developer, Nanostuffs.


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