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What is the difference between Flow (or Visual Workflow) and Workflow?

Although workflow and visual workflow have similar names they are completely different features. The only common thing in both of them is that they both help in automating business processes.

Here are some key differences between Visual Workflow and Workflow:-

Flows are apps which are triggered by user instead of an event which is the case with Workflow rules.

Visual workflow offers screens for displaying and collecting information from the user running the flow. However workflow executes rules and actions behind the scenes.

Workflow rules and actions are associated with a specific object (and can cross objects only to update fields on related master record), flows can look up, create, update, and delete records for multiple objects.

Google Apps integration with Salesforce.

If an organization uses Salesforce and Google Apps, we can enable connection between them. This will enable user to track the email conversation with customers in salesforce. Also allows us to link Google Docs with a customer’s record.
Steps to follow:-
Step 1: Configuring Google Apps Domain settings.
Go to Setup| Administer |Google Apps| Settings page in Salesforce. Click Edit.
Choose a user for “Google Apps Administrative Contact”.
Enter Google Apps Domain (eg:
Step 2: Activating Google Apps Services.
In the “Activate Google Apps Services” select the services that you want to activate.
For example:-
To activate Google Docs Service, click Edit next to Add Google Docs to and then select ‘Active’ checkbox to activate it.

After Add Google Docs to Salesforce service is enabled:
1. The Notes & Attachments related list on accounts, assets, contacts, contracts, leads, opportunities, products, and custom objects is renamed to Google Docs, Notes, & Attachments.
2. The Attachments related list on cases, solutions, and campaigns is renamed to Google Docs & Attachments.

We can integrate Gmail to Salesforce in two ways:-
Gmail to Salesforce :-
Gmail to Salesforce allows to automatically log emails and chats that we send from our Gmail account as activities on Lead, Contact, Opportunities and other records that support activities in salesforce.
To activate ‘Gmail to Salesforce’ for our organization from Setup click Email Administartion|EmailToSalesforce.
To configure personal Gmail to Salesforce, from personal settings click Email| My Email to Salesforce.
Gmail Buttons and Links :-
This feature adds Gmail links next to email fields on all records and adds Compose Gmail button in Activity History related lists on contacts and leads.
To activate Gmail Buttons and Links go to Google Apps|Settings.
In the Activate Google Apps Services list, click Edit next to Gmail Buttons and Links. Select Active checkbox to Activate.
If an organization enables Gmail Buttons and Links but does not enable Gmail to Salesforce, we can still use the Gmail links on contact and lead records; however, Salesforce does not log emails we send from our Gmail account., or automatically populate the BCC field on the Compose Mail screen with an Email to Salesforce address.

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