Browse Month: September 2013 Solution Vendor for PRA Inc, Raleigh NC.

In September 2013, Nanostuffs started one of the best partnerships of all time with PRA Incorporation based out of Raleigh, North Carolina (USA). Thereafter, Nanostuffs provided expert resources for PRA both at onsite & offshore in India for almost 1.5 years.

Nanostuffs assisted PRA on several projects, notably playing a pivotal role in implementing a large internal portal being used by 11000+ employees of PRA from 45+ countries everyday, completed developed on top of

We gained a lot of good experience & knowledge at PRA working with a multi-national firm, one who is fully process oriented. Entire project tenure went through a Agile Implementation model.

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Download file in Attachments in Salesforce

public class ex_file_inSF


public void getExcelReport()


String AccId = ApexPages.currentPage().getParameters().get('id');

Account acc = [Select Id from Account where Id =: AccId];

Http h = new Http();

HttpRequest req = new HttpRequest();

string url = 'URL_Path';

url = url.replace(' ', '%20');



req.setHeader('Content-Type', 'application/xls');

// To download Pdf 'application/pdf'

// To download Document 'application/doc'

// To download img 'image/jpeg'



HttpResponse res = null;

res = h.send(req);

/*string responseValue = '';

responseValue = res.getBody();

system.debug('Response Body for File: ' + responseValue); */

blob file = res.getBodyAsBlob();

Attachment n = new Attachment();

n.ParentId = AccId;                                //set where you want to Save/Attach file

n.Name = 'Excel_Report.xls';

n.Body = file;

n.contentType = 'application/xls';

// To download Pdf 'application/pdf'

// To download Document 'application/doc'

// To download img 'image/jpeg'

insert n;



Started onsite journies for me and Nanostuffs !!!!

It was first time in Nanostuffs’s history of sending resource for Onsite project and I am happy that was me. 🙂 As usual, everyone want different experiences in their own life and It was an opportunity for me to gather experiences. I was flying first time in my life + it was for US, quite excited moment I ever had.

Here I have chance to share about Nishant & Ankita, how much they care about employees as well. He knew that this is my first trip to abroad so he emailed me 4 pages of travel guidelines including all small things.

I came to Raleigh, NC for ‘PRA Health Science‘ to work on complex Salesforce project. I met to a lot of super talented people and the company operations were all really great. Learnt a lot.

I also visited one of the amazing city in the world, New York while coming back to India. These 6 months were one of the best time in my life.

Kalpesh_PRA Kalpesh_Empier

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