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Unable to edit Visualforce page and Apex classes

Many of you are not able to edit your visualforce page or Apex class in any browser i.e. you are getting a page like this image

Error on Editor



To exit from this problem, just delete all your browsers cache and browsing history. After that just click on edit button and you will able to edit your pages and Apex classes.



Joomla article publishing error solved

While using Joomla 3 for creating some articles I was getting Lock Table error in SQL and the articles were not getting posted on server.  There was no error on localhost though. This error was not a joomla template specific I guess. It was occurring for other templates as well. But I found solution to this error as follows:

Access the template folder of that particular website through FTP. Right click on the folder and make the numeric value for file permissions as 777 and apply to all files, directories and folders. This solved the above error and the articles were published successfully.

How to disable login form in Joomla CMS

This is the process for disabling any form on a web page using Joomla CMS. We can take login form for example. The steps are as follows:

1. Go to back end of Joomla website that is the administrator page

2. Go to extensions -> Module manager

3. Search for the required module

4. Unpublish it.

Nanostuffs Extends Partnerships to Scandinavian

Nanostuffs visited Norway, Sweden & nearby areas in the month of June 2013, to strenghten our parnerships with one of our oldest & prominent client Clue Norge ASA & introduce ourselves to several other companies & business individuals related to mobile apps development & services.

Scandinavian, is definitely among the most beautiful places in the world with very nice people, culture & equally technologically advanced as well.



No matching Contacts or Leads in Salesforce

Hi All,

many of you are using Salesforce for Outlook functionality provided by

Salesforce to integrate your outlook with Salesforce.

But many users are facing a problem such as

No matching Contacts or Leads in Salesforce” in the Side Panel of Salesforce in outlook.

I have found some of the reasons for this cause and listing here some of them.

1. This error occurs when your email id, contact name are not match with Salesforce contact name and email id.

2. Another reason for this is due to Outlook version you are using.

3. The owner of the Salesforce contact is not same as user of outlook.

4. The last but most important is “Salesforce does not support” POP3 and IMAP email servers.


To solve this issue please try one of the following solution.

1. Check your Contact name and Email Id from Salesforce so that it is exact matching with

outlook email id of person of whose record you want to view.

2. Try to use correct version of outlook  i.e  it should be compatible with Salesforce for outlook software.

3. Make sure the owner of Salesforce contact must be same as the user who is using outlook.

4. Close your outlook and start it again, this may help.

5. Check your mail server for outlook, if it is POP3 or IMAP, then change it to another one.

if the problem still remains then contact with Salesforce support team.


Hope this solution help you.


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