Pardot Reporting App (Coming soon ...)

Out of the box with Pardot you cannot unfortunately create Custom Reports. We've developed advanced reports using Pardot APIs to get your much more useful insights from running Marketing Campaigns. Below are few such reports & many more on the way. We should have the AppExchange App live before March 2020

Advanced Scoring Report

Statistics of overall Scores changes of all of your Prospects over selected period of time, helping you identify which day/week/month you got better Scores increased & through which Asset/Campaign.

Scoring Report (Percentile Version)

Very interesting report - Pardot default provides you numerical scores & who has highest. We convert this into a % ranking in conjuction with all other Active Prospects.

Month-wise CTR (Click Through Rates)Health Cloud

Combining the Link Clicks performance across all List Sends, Engagement Journeys, Landing Pages Links, Custom Redirects & Website Links. Customizable for any date range.

Month-wise Open Rates

Combining the Opens/Visits performance across all List Sends, Engagement Journeys, Landing Pages, Custom Redirects & Website Links. Customizable for any date range.

Scoring Categories Wise Revenue Generated

Provided Sales Cloud is connected, through Opportunities Won, this report brings back analysis of Scoring Categories converted into successful wons & earned revenue.

Consolidated All Campaigns Performance

An advanced version of Campaigns Report & Dashboard including data from all features of Pardot being used in your instance. This report can be considered as Master Report covering entire database.

Engagement Studio Individual Email Step Performance

Unlike the default Marketing Assets Lists Email report, it is not possible to see Email Sent report at various stages of Engagement Studio in scenarios when same email is sent at multiple steps. This report bifurcates performance report at each stage giving you more insights on how it worked at what step.

List-wise Reports

Default Campaign reports exists but if you wish to see all factors combined reports filtered by specific List, you can use this Report for same.

Lead Source Wise Reports

One of most useful & fundamental report - Find out how many Visitors & Prospects you have got from all unique incoming Sources. Example, Leads from Websites, Forms, Facebook, Twitter, Google, PPC Campaigns, etc.

Track Account Score Changes Graph

The way captivating Lifecycle Report exists for an individual Prospects, we've brought in the same functionality & Lifecycle Report for Accounts.

Track Social/PPC Footprints

Currently its quite difficult to find total no. of visitors & prospects you have got through your PPC campaigns, this reports brings all these records together & groups them as per tracked PPC Campaign fields.

Track Specific Webpages All Footprints

For all unique website links activities, this useful report gives you list of all Prospects & Visitors ever engaged on those links.

Known Visitor Advanced Report

Normally you would have to check visits and time spent in visits by going profile to profile basis, which will not conclude anything on a holistic level. With Known Visitor Advanced Report you will get a complete view of No. of Visits, Names, Country , Interest, Keywords & Source Information.

Unknown Visitor Advanced Report

Usually, getting insights has been challenging to overall understanding of Visits on Website, Company from which people are visiting your Website and other information like Region, Interest, Keywords, Source. Get a better understanding on all of these without having personal information about visitor.

Visitors Day-wise Report

Stay updated on the number of visits you get on your website whether it's your known prospect or a random visitor. You will be able to consider other aspects like Region, Interests, Keywords Searched, Source of Lead, Most Recent Visit, etc.

Grouped Lifecycle Report

Pardot provides Lifecycle Report for each individual Prospect, here you'll be able to apply similar reporting for a group of Prospects as per your conditions.