Entitlement and SLA management in Salesforce UsingEntitlement Process,Milestone and Service Contracts.

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Entitlement Management: It helps you to provide precise and perfect support to customer. It provides features that let you define, enforce and track the service level as a part of customer support management. And you can track the working bandwidth of your customer support Agents.

Entitlement Process: Entitlement processes are timelines that include all the steps (or milestones) that your support team must complete to resolve support records like cases or work orders. Each process includes the logic necessary to determine how to enforce the correct service level for your customers.

Milestone: Milestones represent required, time-dependent steps in your support process, like first response or case resolution times. Milestones are added to entitlement processes to ensure that agents resolve support records correctly and on time.

Service contracts: Service contracts in Salesforce represent a customer support agreement between you and your customers. You can use them to represent warranties, subscriptions, service level agreements (SLAs), and other types of customer support.

  • Go to Setup, enter Entitlement Settings in quick fine box.
  • Check the Enable Entitlement Management Checkbox, click on save.
  • Customize the entitlement Page Layouts and fields according to Business Use.
  • Go to Setup, enter Entitlement Settings in quick fine box, you can see more settings are available in Settings page.
  • Enablement of Version: If you want to maintain multiple versions of entitlement process, Check The Enable Entitlement Versioning Checkbox, Otherwise keep it unchecked.
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