State Management Lifecycle in React


What is State? To make React Component Classes dynamic State is used.  The state of a component is an object which holds information which may change the lifetime of the component. State v Props Once Props are set they can’t be changed so Props are immutable  The state can hold data that may change over time so the state is observableProps can be used in  function or class componentsThe state is...

Redux vs Context API : How to choose?


Bit confused, about when, how, and where to use redux and context API. Let’s take a brief look. We have a simple application named as Movie app. In that movie app, we have basic three-component search, login, and movies. If we want to share data between these components then quite easy than nested child components in one big app that leads to prop drilling. So, to solve the prop drilling issue...

Managing Redux Side Effects Using Redux Saga


If you have previously used Redux in a React project, you will eventually need to handle side effects (asynchronous) such as API requests or setting timeout and intervals since they are necessary while developing features for a “complex online application.” The Redux design takes an action and a state and then returns a new state to offer predictable state change. There are no built...



Progressive Web Apps(PWA) are the web apps which are dynamic and can be run offline which means at standalone. The benefits of Progressive web apps in its usage and other factors are as follows: performance of the app; The ability to work online means with internet connectivity or offline means without internet connectivity. specific to platform capable to install or installable. Create a React...

Enhance User Experience With Suitable Rendering Pattern


Every web developer wants to make their website load as fast as possible, slow websites end up losing users and thus business. Rendering patterns that suits an e-commerce platform may not be suitable for a news publishing website. Rendering patterns focus on how to give pages to the user. Should we create the pages and store them on build time and serve when requested, or create a page only when...